My Users

Through the 'My Users' you can find and managed your clients account.

 - By clicking this icon, you can suspend a user's account. From the user side, it will look as if their account has been removed. 

* The sites on a suspended account will not be removed.

Click the icon again to reactivate the account. 

 - By clicking the '+' icon, under the sites tab, you can reveal the sites list of each user. 

Site's Control Icon:     (from left to right):

Clone site – will duplicate the site.

Delete site – will delete the site.

Transfer site – will transfer from its account the site to a new or existing account.

Rename Site – Rename the site

Edit Size – will open the site's editor.

Each site's preview URL is in the form of -

By changing the URL from '/viewer' to '/edit', you can load the site's editor (

Since you are the admin of all your user's sites, you can also make changed in their sites.

* Changes are being auto saved.

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