Label Config

Label: Your White label name. It cannot be edited.

Domain: Your White Label domain name. 

Please make sure to enter your full URL (without HTTP://).

  • If you chose a subdomain, enter ''.
  • If you chose a 'www' domain, enter ''

Product name: The label name that will appear on your White Label Landing page and Start page.

Small Logo:  A small logo that will be displayed next to your Label name.

Large Logo: A large logo thatwill be displayed on several places (e.g., the BuyNow page)

Background: The background image of editor's landing page.

Landing Page: If you choose to connect your label's start page to a 'www' domain, the editor will be connected to the URL ''.  

  • If you choose a Landing page, the site you chose will be seen on


  • If you don't choose a Landing page, the URL '' will redirect automatically to ''.

Analytics ID: You can connect your label to a Google Analytics account. Using it, you can receive information on your users' activity.

Terms Of Service URL: Add your own TOS page.

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