Hosting Billing

Through the Hosting billing settings you can set the editor's BuyNow page. These settings control the method of payment that your client will see when he comes to purchase a premium license.  

  • Standard - Your users can choose one of our standard plans. We transfer your revenues each month ( minus 5% billing-fee ).
  • Manual – On the editor, your users will not see any payment request, and will be able to connect their site for free. You need to take care of the payment and invoicing by contacting them directly.
  • Free - Your users will be able to connect their sites for free.
  • External - Create your own checkout page. We will redirect the users from their editor to your page once they choose to purchase a subscription.

            Upon successful purchase you will need to redirect the user back to us for license    creation.

           BuyNow URL: Your BuyNow page URL. 

         For your needs, we will send the following parameters to your BuyNow page:

             - vbid - The id of the user's site
             - email - The user's email
             - nickname - The user's username

         Publish Dialog: Upload a picture that will appear in the publish dialog (500x300).


            Return URL: Please redirect to ' /successful_checkout' upon             successful purchase. 

         The user will be directed to the relevant site and a new license will be added. 

          Optional parameters that will be saved on our system: 

  • domain - will create the license with the designated domain.
  • offer_name - your offer type name (yearly/monthly, etc).
  • offer_id - your offer type id.
  • subscription_id - a specific subscription id.
  • Custom - This will allow you to easily create a single subscription type. Your users will only be able to purchase this subscription. The subscription is annually renewing by default. The auto-renewal can be cancelled by contacting us.

         The money will initially be transferred to us, and once a month we'll send you the    funds.

          Price: The subscription price.

          Title of offer: The subscription name as will be seen by the users.

          Currency: The price currency as will be seen by the users.

          Cycle explained:  Some information on the recurring payment.

        Publish Dialog:  The image that will be displayed on the BuyNow page.

  • PayPal – This will allow you to collect the payments directly into your PayPal account. The license is automatically recurring.

          Merchant ID or email: Your PayPal merchant ID or email address

         Name of offer: The subscription name as will be seen by the users.

         Offer explained: The subscription information as will be seen by the users.

         Amount: The subscription price.

          Currency: The payment currency. 

          Type of period: Choose if the subscription will renew every one year or every one  month. Enter 'Y' for yearly and 'M' for monthly.

Publish Dialog:  The image that will be displayed on the BuyNow page.

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