Domain Billing

Through the Domain Billing you can Allow\disallow your users to buy a new domain.

These are the different types of billing that you can use:

Standard - ​Your users will use our standard plan. It's $8.95 per domain. This
payment goes directly to the registrar and is non-refundable.

External ​- create your own domain checkout page (including domain availability
validation), we will redirect the user to your BuyNow page. Upon successful
purchase you will redirect the user back to us for license update.
BuyNow URL: ​Your BuyNow page URL.

For your needs, we will send the following parameters to your BuyNow page:
- vbid - The id of the user's site
- email - The user's email
- nickname - The user's username
- Return URL: ​Please redirect to ' /successful_checkout' upon
  successful purchase.

The user will be directed to the relevant site and the license's domain will be

Mandatory parameter:
- domain - The domain which the user have purchased

Custom - ​Set your own currency and price
Price: ​The subscription price.

- Offer explained: ​Some details on the subscription as will be seen by the users.
Currency: ​The price currency as will be seen by the users.

PayPal - ​You are in charge of buying the domain for the users (you will receive an
email notification for the purchase).
Merchant ID or email: ​Your PayPal merchant ID or email address
- Name of offer: ​The subscription name as will be seen by the users.

- Amount: ​The subscription price.

- Currency​: The payment currency.

- Type of period: ​Choose whether the subscription will renew every year or every

** Enter 'Y' for yearly and 'M' for monthly.

- Recurrences (Every N periods)​ – leave as 1

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