Adding a Featured Stripe

If you have something you'd like to showcase, promote or put a spotlight on on your site, the Featured stripe is a great option for you to use.

The Featured stripe contains one or more elements, each one assembled by an image and its text (Title and Body).

To add a Featured stripe:

1. Click on the "+" sign and choose "featured"

A default Featured stripe will appear. Now, you can choose to manage, remove or add the items.

2. To change the default image of an item and add yours, left click the item and choose Replace image.

3. To change the default text of an item, please see – Adding Text

4. To manage the featured items, hover your mouse over the Featured button, and click Manage.

Adding featured items

To add more featured items, click Add, and a new featured item will be generated.

Removing featured items

Hover your mouse over an item, and click the "x" to remove the item

Reorder featured items

Hover your mouse over an item and click the arrows to reorder the featured items.

5. Click Done, to exit Manage Featured.


You can also switch the design of the stripe altogether, see more in our post Switching Designs

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